【BMW Z4 Challenge】How to driving faster Fuji Speedway by Professional Racing driver


Z4 Challenge BMW is a collaboration event by the ” Gran Turismo 6″ BMW and will be held until May 3, 2014 from February 18, 2014 .

This video is a full-scale briefing with corner view automotive and videos for anyone who wants to BMW Z4 Challenge participation .
It describes the capture method of each corner of the Fuji Speedway racing course with a corner detail view -vehicle video of Z4 GT3 BMW for 2011 SUPER GT GT300 class series champion Nobuteru Taniguchi drove in the 2013 JAF Grand Prix .
In addition to the onboard video of the actual advice of braking point using the actual screen of Gran Turismo 6 also included . Think of Taniguchi Nobuteru that you have made in the course Strategy and driving a ” polite ” it? The must-see .

In addition, it is with the qualifying period of March 5, 2014 from February 18, 2014 Join the timing of entry to Z4 Challenge BMW. Please keep in mind that it does not allow entry of this period and later .

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