BMW at the Geneva Motor Show 2008. BMW EfficientDynamics.


When you walk on the BMW Stand you can´t help but notice one KEY message: BMW EfficientDynamics. With such a wide range of cars equipped with BMW EfficientDynamics, ranging from the 1 Series straight to the 7 Series, it is obvious that BMW EfficientDynamics is a pervasive element in the product development across the product portfolio. These innovations for enhanced fuel economy go hand in hand with even greater and more fulfilling sheer driving pleasure. BMW EfficientDynamics. Less emissions. More driving pleasure. Jan-Christiaan Koenders explains how the momentum BMW have been building with BMW EfficientDynamics since last year is real and measurable. In 2008 BMW will have 700.000 vehicles on the road with BMW EfficientDynamics. This leads to a reduction in fuel consumption of 150 million litres of fuel. If these 150 million litres of fuel would be converted into electricity, this would be able to provide electricity for 780.000 people during one year which is 4 times the size of Geneva. Apart form the 22 BMW models available today with BMW EfficientDynamics, BMW also offers visitors to the Geneva Motor Show a glimpse of what is to come. The BMW Vision EfficientDynamics, which for the first time combines hybrid technology with BMW´s Variable Twin Turbo Diesel Technology.

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