BMW at the Geneva Motor Show 2009. BMW Concept 5 Series Gran Turismo. Concept and Target Groups.


Chris Koenders discusses the idea of PAS and the target groups this innovative concept was designed for. “Progressive Activity Sedan” is a new vehicle category that is set to reshuffle the cards in the premium upper medium segment. Chris Koenders explains what “Progressive Activity Sedan” or PAS exactly stands for and how it defines a new category. Progressive stands for: creative, innovative, taking a step into the future of individual mobility, in terms of concept as well as customer orientation. Activity addresses the product highlight of variability and extends “sedan” associations with untypical, yet desired and emotional virtues. Sedan creates worldwide positive associations of status, prestige and formal elegance. And who is this innovative concept intended for? Chris Koenders refers to the animated scribble video that explains the creative process that defined this latest concept from BMW. A growing number of customers is no longer willing to make compromises with their cars. … and therefore they are open to change into “new concepts”. They are bored by sedans without functionality. They find SUVs no longer responsible. They dislike the utilitarian character of estates. They find coupes emotionally appealing, but mind the lack of space. Those customers are open for thinking and acting beyond tradition. They have been looking for a car fulfilling this attitude. Those are the customers who we will address with the BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo.

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