BMW at the Geneva Motor Show 2009. BMW ConnectedDrive.


Chris Koenders explains the unique portfolio of innovations that are covered by BMW ConnectedDrive. The BMW ConnectedDrive innovations connect driver, car and outside world and focus on safety, convenience and infotainment. Chris Koenders explains a main safety feature of BMW ConnectedDrive: the Advanced eCall. Imagine youre in an accident. The Advanced eCall ensures that the rescue forces have full details on the place and type of collision as well as possible injuries before they dispatch help to the scene of the accident. Therefore those rescue forces are able to prepare appropriate medical treatment of the victims in the shortest possible time. New tools to improve the convenience of driving include BMW Head-Up Display with speed limit info as well as BMW Night Vision with person recognition. Whats the maximum permissible speed? Is it applicable only when wet? The Speed Limit Display answers such questions. The resulting permissible speed is displayed in both the instrument cluster and optional Head-Up Display. What a great feeling to know you are never over the limit. BMW Night Vision with person recognition truly outshines any light. Its the first system able to identify both people and the possible collision threat they might pose. BMW Night Vision alerts you by displaying a warning symbol on the instrument cluster as well as in the optional Head-Up Display. That way, you can react in time: Forewarned is forearmed. As already presented in Paris, BMW ConnectedDrive has brought the Internet into the car. BMW is the worlds first car manufacturer who provides the World Wide Web in the vehicle. The latest innovation in the field of infotainment include BMW Routes, launched here at the Geneva Motor Show. BMW Routes currently offers specially selected routes for the connoisseur – including restaurants, sites and hotel accommodation. Chris Koenders demonstrate how he downloads a scenic Tour de Suisse including a visit to the renowned Paul Klee Museum in Bern. He then plugs the USB stick with the scenic route into the BMW Z4 Roadster, gets the route on the navigation system and is ready to go.

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