BMW at the Geneva Motor Show 2009. BMW EfficientDynamics.


Back in Geneva 2008, BMW announced that in 2008 there would 700.000 vehicles on the road with BMW EfficientDynamics. Now one year later, the teller board stands at 1.35 million vehicles and every month BMW is selling more cars with EfficientDynamics than its competitors are in an entire year on their CO2 measures. Chris Koenders explains that BMW has seen the fastest decline in emissions: no other car manufacturer has reduced CO2 more in absolute numbers than BMW. With a reduction in fleet consumption by more than 25 per cent between 1996 and 2008, BMW has over-fulfilled the self-commitment made by the ACEA, the Association of European Automobile Manufacturers. BMW´s current fleet consumption is better than volume car manufacturers and on eye level of small car maufacturers. Chris Koenders mentions that today every BMW is equipped with EfficientDynamics measures, ranging from the BMW 1 Series right to the BMW 7 Series. The BMW 116d which is presenting here in Geneva as a world premiere has an excellent 118g CO2/km, even lower than the Green Car of the Year which BMW was awarded in 2008 for the 118d. Another aspect of BMW EfficientDynamics is sustained value. Chris Koenders explains that with a higher residual value for ist cars with BMW EfficientDynamics, BMW has a further positive argument towards its customers. As proof for this argument Chris Koenders showcases a 2007 BMW 520d with BMW EfficientDynamics. This vehicle was first presented here in Geneva in 2007 and still has best-in-class emission figures of 136g CO2/km. And what does the future hold? Chris Koenders comments that one of the future innovations will include space age technology for the road. With the thermoelectric generator BMW showcases an innovative technology to recover energy from the heat of exhaust gases and convert it into electricity. Coupled with BMW Brake Energy Regeneration, this creates a cycle of efficiency, as energy is constantly being recuperated during both overrun and acceleration phases. This means that BMW is again leading the way in reducing emissions with even more sheer driving pleasure

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