BMW at the Geneva Motor Show 2009. The new BMW Z4 Roadster.


At the Geneva Motor Show BMW is presenting the new BMW Z4 Roadster in its European debut. Adrian van Hooydonk explains how the new Z4 offers greater elegance, it is sleeker and more stretched, and offers perfect harmony in its body lines. At the same time the design team re-interpreted classic roadster features such as the side gills in appropriate new style. What are the main innovations versus the former Z4? This is the first BMW Roadster with typical roadster proportions and a retractable hardtop. It offers even greater agility, far more passenger and luggage space with higher qualities and value, an optional new double-clutch gearbox, an adjustable suspension and BMWs new iDrive. Adrian explains that “sDrive means that the new Z4 offers supreme agility based on the combination of rear-wheel drive typical of BMW, well-balanced weight distribution, a long wheelbase with short body overhangs, and a low centre of gravity.

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