BMW at the Paris Motor Show 2008. BMW 7 Series design.


With the arrival of the new 7 Series, BMW sets the agenda in the luxury segment. No other luxury sedan combines driving dynamics and efficiency with that much style, comfort and luxury. Let´s take a moment to examine this stunning new vehicle in full. We are here with the exterior and interior designers to discuss the stylish design, luxurious comfort and elegant functionality of the new 7 Series. Karim Habib, responsible for exterior design on the BMW 7 Series, explains that although this is a large vehicle, With a long wheelbase, flat profile and extended bonnet, the dynamic proportions of the new BMW 7 Series follow classic BMW design principles. the design team wanted to create a cockpit that is both functional and truly elegant. Referring to the functional benefits, Nader demonstrates how the clearly laid-out cockpit seems instantly familiar. The centre console is slightly angled towards the driving seat, giving drivers the feeling that all controls are literally designed around them. The use of the finest materials means the interior feels as special to touch as it looks to the eye. A truly exciting feature are the rear seats with massage and climate function, making travel in the new BMW 7 Series unparalleled. Twelve massage units relax the back muscles like a professional masseur, to relax and stimulate passengers on long journeys. it has this unmistable sense of dynamism and elegance so typical for BMW. From the side, ist shoulder line is particularly striking – it runs all the way along the car bonnet to boot, leinding the vehicle an inimitable elegance. Nader Faghihzadeh, responsible for exterior design on the BMW 7 Series, makes a makes a case in point that during the design process The leather of the climate seats is punched with tiny holes, not only channel cool air to the passenger if necessary, they also regulate the temperature.

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