BMW at the Paris Motor Show 2008. BMW ConnectedDrive.


The new BMW 7 Series presented in Paris is setting a new benchmark. This applies to BMW ConnectedDrive as well. With the new version of the BMW iDrive BMW ConnectedDrive customers have the latest advanced connectivity features on board. For example essentially more safety. Imagine youre in an accident. The Advanced eCall ensures that the rescue forces have even more details on the type of collision and possible injuries before they even arrive at the scene of an accident and therefore are able to prepare appropriate medical treatment of the victims in the shortest possible time. New tools to improve the convenience of driving a BMW include Remote Services. These are telephone-based services which customers are able to use anywhere in the world to have their vehicle locked or unlocked. As already presented in Geneva, BMW ConnectedDrive has brought the Internet into the car. BMW is the worlds first car manufacturer who provides the World Wide Web in the vehicle. Upcoming innovations include BMW Routes, to be launched in the final quarter of 2008. These routes are specially recommended by BMW with interesting point of interessts like Restaurants, museums, Hotels etc. BMW ConnectedDrive customers have the convenience to download the chosen route directly inside their BMW.

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