BMW at the Paris Motor Show 2008. BMW EfficientDynamics.


When you walk on the BMW Stand, BMW EfficientDynamics catches the eye – again. With such a wide range of cars equipped with BMW EfficientDynamics, ranging from the 1 Series straight to the 7 Series, it is obvious that BMW EfficientDynamics is a pervasive element in the product development across the product portfolio. These innovations for enhanced fuel economy go hand in hand with even greater and more fulfilling sheer driving pleasure. BMW EfficientDynamics. Less emissions. More driving pleasure. Jan-Christiaan Koenders, Vice President in charge of Communications, explains how the momentum BMW have been building with BMW EfficientDynamics since last year is real and measurable: – TODAY 23 BMW models comply with the exhaust emission standard EU5. – TODAY 40 percent of the European BMW fleet run s below the limit of 140 grams of CO2 per kilometer – The one millionth BMW vehicle with BMW EfficientDynamics measures was a BMW 520d, the only vehicle in the medium category with a CO2 level of less than 140 grams per kilometer and EU5 classification. – No other manufacturer has reduced CO2 emissions further than BMW. This has been confirmed by the environmental NGO Transport and Environment, based on data published by the EU commission. – Numerous international awards and prizes confirm the unique success of the BMW EfficientDynamics development strategy: – The BMW 118d only recently received the World Green Car of the Year Award. – In Germany and Britain, BMW EfficientDynamics has been lauded as the most effective package for reducing fuel consumpton and emissions. – The latest Dow Jones Sustainability Index lauds BMW as the “most sustainable car maker worldwide”.

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