BMW at the Paris Motor Show 2008. Top Line Comments.


At the Paris Motor Show, BMW debuts a new concept BMW X model in the premium compact segment. Chris Bangle explains how BMW as the founder of the Sports Activity Vehicle segment is expanding its range of X Models with an innovative, modern interpretation of an X vehicle in the compact class. The BMW Concept X1 appeals to younger people that want to combine their active lifestyle with their urban needs. With the new BMW 7 Series BMW sets a new benchmark. No other luxury sedan combines driving dynamics and efficiency with that much style, comfort and luxury.Chris Bangle comments on sophisticated design details and credites the engineering team with packaging the many innovations according to the design brief, enabling the designers to realize a perfectly proportioned luxury car. Commenting on design details of both the new BMW 7 Series and the BMW Concept X1, Chris Bangle concludes that BMW´s latest models show how designers and engineers have successfully managed to emotionalize the cars beyond presence into an appeal that is both efficient and dynamic

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