BMW at the Tokyo Motor Show 2007. BMW Concept CS.


Michael Ninic explains how in presenting this new Concept Car, BMW is not only targeting a brand-new segment of the market never occupied before, but is also setting a milestone with a brand-new type of car: The four-door luxury Gran Turismo enters a new dimension of motoring in new style and with new features. A new experience of dynamics and the elegant ambience, exemplary quality in design and finish, extreme precision in the dimensions of the car, and concentrated luxury within the interior – these are the features that characterize the BMW Concept CS. The sum total of qualities in the BMW Concept CS bears clear testimony to the superior know-how and competence of BMW’s engineers and designers in creating such truly emotional automobiles. Michael Ninic shows the thinking behind layering the interior design of BMW Concept CS. Cultivating the flow of joints and seams with a rich palette of textural materials including an innovative woven aluminium ‘fabric’, and a traditional driver focus (note the manual gear shift as well as the driver-oriented controls and instruments…) represents a unique combination of sporting performance and stylish elegance. A brand-new concept for subdividing the cockpit into various sections, together with the unparalleled choice of materials and the quality of finish, creates an unprecedented flair of airiness, exclusivity and individual style shared out among all the occupants. The clear pledge to sportiness and elegance is also expressed both by the arrangement and finish of the four single sports seats.

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