BMW at the Tokyo Motor Show 2007. BMW EfficientDynamics.


One of the main BMW stories in Tokyo is about how performance and efficiency do fit together. Before a sculptural backdrop of some of the latest BMW engines and many of BMW´s finest engine optimization measures, Dirk Arnold explains how BMW EfficientDynamics is currently being implemented across the BMW model range to achieve a broad-scale effect. Taking a mid-term perspective Dirk Arnold moves to the very front of the BMW stand where a further highlight of the Tokyo Motor Show 2007 is spotlighted: the BMW Concept X6 ActiveHybrid. This concept study of BMW’s first all-hybrid vehicle demonstrates the potential of a combination of the internal combustion engine and electric drive when implemented in a form that is true to BMW. Moving on to the BMW Hydrogen7 which is presented side-by-side to the BMW Concept X6 ActiveHybrid, Dirk Arnold comments how this is another showcase for BMW´s understanding of how BMW EfficientDynamics goes beyond isolated building blocks. The BMW Hydrogen7 is the first produced premium limousine in the world fueled by hydrogen liquid with water emissions. It’s not an end solution, but a manufacturable proof-of-concept of BMW´s vision of emissions-free driving. And one BMW wants the world’s influencers to see up close, and try for themselves

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