BMW at the Tokyo Motor Show 2007. BMW Hydrogen7.


Soenke Kroll explains how BMW´s long-term EfficientDynamics vision of emissions-free driving can be summed up with one vehicle: the BMW Hydrogen 7. As the world’s first luxury performance sedan with hydrogen drive, it runs on the most plentiful element in the world and emits virtually nothing but water vapor. With its capability of emissions-free driving while running on hydrogen, the BMW Hydrogen7 can drive in London without even paying the London congestion charge. Because the infrastructure for refueling a hydrogen internal combustion engine is not yet complete, the V-12 engine also runs on gasoline at the push of a button. The unique feature of the BMW Hydrogen7 is that it drives on liquid hydrogen, which has a much higher energy desity as if it were in gaseous form. The BMW Hydrogen7 is a small series production vehicle of around 100 units prividing the proof-of-concept of BMW´s vision of emissions-free driving. Beyond showcasing the car at international Motor Shows, BMW wants the world’s influencers to see up close, and try for themselves.

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