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BMW Documentaries Presents: “Wherever You Want To Go: Four Films About the Future of Mobility”.
“Wherever You Want To Go” is a web-based film series presented by BMW Documentaries. Across four films it explores the future of mobility through the lens of the cities that we live in, our past, technology and predictions. It captures the thoughts and opinions of a number of scientists, academics, thought leaders, inventors, artists and entrepreneurs including:

Buzz Aldrin

Syd Mead
Visual Futurist

Graham Hill
Founder of

Robin Chase
Co-founder and former CEO Zipcar & GoLoco

Mike Musto

Prof. Wai Cheng
Professor of Mechanical Engineering /or Director MIT Sloan Automotive Lab

Lawrence Burns
Author, “Reinventing the Automobile”

Marissa Mayer
VP Consumer Products, Google

Chris Brogan
President and CEO, Human Business Works

George Whitesides
CEO, Virgin Galactic

Laurenz Schaffer
President, BMW Designworks USA

Tom Moloughney, Todd Crook, Peder Norby
MINI E Pioneers

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