BMW E38, E39 Ultrasonic PDC Sensor Replacement

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Replace a PDC (Park Distance Control) Ultrasonic sensor in a BMW E38 7 series, or E39 5 series. The car used in this demonstration is a 2000 E39 M5. Note that the sensors used before March, 1998, have two prongs out the back. The sensors used after March of 1998 use three pins instead. These sensors from BMW run about $210. On Ebay, they are very hard to find, but can usually be found in limited quantities for $50-$150 dollars.

I hope this helped you replace an ultrasonic sensor in your BMW! Hopefully your faulty sensor is not one of the painted ones in the middle of the bumper, those are much harder to remove and replace. Replacing one of the outside sensors is very easy, and can be done in less than 15 minutes. Required materials are: Flat blade screw driver, Replacement sensor, cloth (optional) to prevent screwdriver from damaging paint.

Best of luck!

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