BMW E39 M5 S62 Camshaft Position Sensors – VANOS, Replacement Information

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Information regarding camshaft position sensors found on BMW’s S62 V8, used in the E39 M5 and E52 Z8. There are two intake sensors, and two exhaust sensors, on in and one out on each cylinder bank. The sensors wear over time, and may malfunction. The car can either throw CPS (camshaft position sensor) codes, or VANOS (variable valve timing) codes, or both, since they reference each other.

I had a few codes form my Peake Research tool:
08 – Intake camshaft position sensor, Cly #5-8 (Bank 2)
B8 – Intake camshaft VANOS position control, Cyl #1-4 (Bank 1)
71 – Intake camshaft VANOS position control, Cyl #5-8 (Bank 2)

Replacing both intake camshaft position sensors fixed my problem. I used OES (Original equipment supplier) parts from AB Electronic in Germany. The part number for an intake sensor from them is: VNE 9451910

Intake and Exhaust Camshaft Position Sensors:

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