Salone del Mobile 2011 – Inspiration – BMW Group

BMW Group

The BMW Group presents different installations at the Milan Design Week Salone del Mobile 2011 – to give a little bit of inspiration.

MINI presented at Milan’s Università degli Studi the installation “MINI Sintesi”, a 3-D sculpture created by Head of MINI Design Anders Warming and his team. It embodies the evolution of the MINI Family — “from the original to the original” — using the contour lines of various cars’ profiles. The structure of the futuristic installation is a reference to a fundamental design principle of the MINI family: all family members emerge from the same core and share the same genes. However, they also display some very different and individual characteristics. And so the overall form of the installation changes as you move around it. “MINI Sintesi” expresses the iconographic design language of the individual family members through the colouring of the contour lines. The contours of the classic Mini, framed by the silhouettes of the MINI Hatch, MINI Clubman, MINI Countryman and MINI Coupe Concept car represent the centre point of the installation.

Sharing a passion for design, research, experimentation, aesthetic purity and technological innovation, BMW and FLOS have joined forces at Salone del Mobile 2011 to create “SESTOSENSO”, a luminary apparition by Paul Cocksedge. Inspired by the quality and beauty of light and the astonishing new BMW 6 Series, the first BMW with Full-LED headlights, Paul Cocksedge has erected a seamless, curving, white wall extension to the FLOS showroom and low-hanging red and white conical lamps. As with the BMW headlights, the source of light remains hidden, only the light itself is guided through a transparent body. Stepping inside one of the impressive SESTOSENSO red lights, a video of the BMW 6 Series Coupe reveals itself on the vast white wall. Through the light we see the car: through the car, we understand the light.

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