The all-electric BMW i3 Exterior Design

Agile and compact proportions visualize the maneuverability of the BMW i3. Viewed from the side, the window design and door sills create a dynamic form. The flowing silhouette and the long wheelbase give an impression of the ample space in the passenger compartment, while the short overhangs on the front and rear of the vehicle facilitate parking even in tight spaces. The opposing doors offer convenient access to the open design of the passenger compartment.

One particularly special characteristic feature of the BMW i3 is the so-called “Black Band” which runs from the hood over the roof to the tailgate of the vehicle and gives the vehicle body a particularly light visual appearance. The typical BMW i streamflow design can be seen in the merging form of the window surfaces in the tailgate and provides for an especially good all-around view. Large 19 inch wheels reduce the rolling resistance and together with aerodynamic details ensure the highest efficiency.