Time travel – BMW Motorsport.


In 2014, Marco Wittmann claimed his maiden title in DTM. It was also the first title for the BMW M4 DTM in its debut season. BMW continued a unique success story: Whenever it entered DTM with a new car, it won the title in its very first season: In 1984 with the BMW 635 CSi, in 1987 with the BMW M3 DTM, in 2012 with the BMW M3 DTM – as well as in 2014 with the BMW M4 DTM. At the end of last year, as a reward for his fantastic season, BMW Motorsport gave Wittmann the opportunity to get to know all the former winners at Monteblanco. He enjoyed the time travel pretty much. For more information, please visit us at http://www.bmw-motorsport.com.

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