WHAT´S NEXT – Intercultural Understanding. Mehtap-Buesra Mut, Health Ambassador. – BMW Group

BMW Group

One company, many different cultures: A global car company like the BMW Group brings together people from all over the world: More than 50 nationalities work at the Munich plant alone; more than 80, in fact, at all its Munich sites. That is why mutual understanding is so critical. Mehtap-Buesra Mut, one of more than 45 health ambassadors, is a good example of how to achieve this.

This short film shows how intercultural understanding can make a lasting contribution to employee well-being.

The topic of understanding is also a priority for our junior staff members right from the start: Social team building has been an integral part of our trainee programme since 2010.

But that’s not all — bringing together different cultures and social groups outside of the company also means a great deal to us: That is why the BMW Group is involved with projects like the LIFE concept for intercultural learning and the international BMW Group Award for Intercultural Commitment. This award recognises companies, initiatives and individuals who work towards better understanding between different social, cultural and religious groups. The award-winners get to use the support and know-how of BMW Group experts for one year.

In this way, we strive on a day-to-day basis to build bridges between cultures and achieve better understanding.

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